"Ed Hall" <>
Sent: 1/13/2005 5:04:54 PM

Buxley's Waypoint maps now show geodashing points

I'm pleased to announce that the maps on Buxley's Waypoint now display
the current month's crop of geodashing points. You can visit Buxley's
Waypoint on the web at

A geodash point (commonly called a "dashpoint") is a randomly selected
point on the Earth's surface that people can visit and then log what
they found. To keep the game fresh, the dashpoints move to a new
location on the first day of every month. Dashpoints have an uncanny
knack for falling in very interesting spots and it's always fun to read
people's reports of what they've found each month.

You can learn more about geodashing by visiting the geodashing home page
at or by reading an excellent article
published last Fall in Today's Cacher:

Enjoy, and happy dashing!


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