"Robert Lipe" <>
Sent: 1/13/2005 11:55:52 AM

Re: GPX standard extensions

> Correct. On further study, I just discovered that is
> mangling the hints because of the very problem you pointed out (both
> rot13 and HTML encodings layered on top of each other.) What I said

You're not the first to fall for this trick. :-)

Also, if you're going to spell it out in HTML, shall we specify WHICH
HTML or XHTML strain? Is it meant to be a fragment or a complete
document? What if it contains a BODY tag, for example, which is
illegal to test.

> In this case, I consider the choice was made by the geocache hider. He
> wants his comments to be rot13 encrypted. I think the data should be
> true to the author's desire. If some program wants to decrypt the

I buy more into the HTML model (the INTENDED one, not the unfortunate
reality of the late 90's) where display of content is a choice of the
user and not the creator. In just about any medium except paper
(maybe you're reading the cache page on a PDA, on your cell fone or
even on your ipod using the new module I just added to GPSBabel) I
can't imagine a user voluntarily choosing rot13 so it's just
additional work for you to encode it and for the readers to decode.
If the "output to paper" module wants to encode it, it's free to do so.

The cache placer made the choice that it's a hint. The consumer
should make the choice how to format that.

> I foresee endless debates about what that categorization should be. And
> when a decision is chiseled in stone, I foresee some creative
> individual creating a cache that breaks the categorization. So, I

Yep, that's the recurring theme in these types of decisions. The
creator wants free form stuff and the reader want something that can
be programmatically categorized.

In fact, it reminds me of another conversation I'm having on a related
topic this very morning...

I won't dig in my heels on this point. I'll just display a default
icon for everything.

> responses to suggestions for how to control it. It can be controlled
> fairly easily on Yahoo lists that receive as little traffic as this one.

Oddly, there's so little traffice for me personally from this list
that despite me receiving 87 messages from OTHER yahoogroups I have
yet to see anything beyond my confirmation from THIS one.