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Sent: 1/1/2006 10:13:05 AM

Re: New Game Called Geoto - A Geocaching Story Log

"Tim" wrote:
> Please review and give me some feed back on my new game called Geoto
> located at
> Geoto is a geocaching story log that combines gps and digital
> photograghy to create interactive geostrips.

The basic idea is to take a small toy action figure, invent a
storyline to go with it, then release it in the wild with a log book
to track its travels. Finders are encouraged to move the action figure
to a new location, extend the story line using their own imaginations,
and illustrate their story with uploaded digital photos. Right?

Very clever. I can imagine a community developing that creates an
entire history of these geoto characters and their adventures on the
blue planet. Good luck with getting the word out and getting players
to participate.

If the game catches on, you'll probably have to enhance the search
feature of the site, so readers can quickly find out if any geoto
characters happen to be passing by their city.