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Sent: 1/1/2006 8:04:20 PM

RE: [gpsstash] New Game Called Geoto - A Geocaching Story Log

Hi Seth,

Thanks for your feedback.

Geoto is not part of the travel bugs.

Scout from explained it this way:

The basic idea is to take a small toy action figure,
invent a
storyline to go with it, then release it in the wild
with a log book to track its travels. Finders are
encouraged to move the action figure to a new
location, extend the story line using their own
imaginations, and illustrate their story with uploaded
digital photos.

premise for all Geoto life on earth.

The main story for all of the geotoian action figures
starts with their mother ship entered the blue planets
orbit and colliding with a large piece of space debri.
The impact is causing the ship to break apart. All
crew members and civilian colonies have entered their
life pods. The navigational system is malfunctioning
and releasing the pods at random. Their
whereabouts are unknown.

at this point the story is extended by you and other
players by hiding and seeking the caches at, not


--- sethleary wrote:

> Tim,
> This looks interesting! I think one obvious question
> is, how do you
> see this crossing over with and
> Travel Bugs? Is it
> strictly parallel play?
> Do the Pods stay in the same spot like geocaches?
> Are they used by
> multiple players?
> Maybe I'm not as clear on the concept as I thought.
> I'm intrigued but
> I think I need some more information.
> Seth!