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Re: [gpsstash] Re: MODERATORS!!!

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yaesumofo wrote:

Here is the absent owner.
I will close this group if a qualifies person dosen't step up to
take control.
Send me a private message I will turn the Oldest geocaching centric
group in the world over to you.

Scout wrote: silverquill wrote:
> The simple solution to an abandoned list is simply to create
> another Yahoo list with a similar name and invite members to
> join it.

There's no shortage of lists. A search on the term "geocaching" turns
up 207 Yahoo lists alone. But the GPSstash group is not any old list.
It's the granddaddy of all geocaching lists, the first one devoted to
geocaching anywhere. It predates the name geocaching itself, which was
coined on this list. So, this list is a historical resource that needs
to be preserved. I'd like to see it nurtured back to health rather
than abandoned.


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