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Sent: 3/4/2006 11:29:33 AM

RE: [gpsstash] Re: Thank you, Dave Ulmer, for your wacky idea.

I don't think that there is -currently- any drama regarding Dave and
My understanding is that, at various times a few years ago, things may have
been said/done by both parties that caused some mutual alienation. However,
in the time that I have spent with the guys at the website and with Dave, I
have gotten the distinct impression that it was mostly miscommunication and
that there remain few, if any, hard feelings. I suspect that Dave's name has
not been restored to the website in part because there have just been too
many other things to do. Plus, there could be some legal reasons why they
need to keep it somewhat anonymous, for self-protection.

As far as I know, I'm the only person who has gone geocaching with both Dave
and Jeremy. (I don't believe they have ever met one another, either.) They
are both really nice guys and each deserve heaps of credit for the genesis
and success of the game.


"The history of our game is rich and at times dramatic. Apparently, the
drama continues over at They happily promote your video and Jack
Peters' book, The Complete Idiot's guide to Geocaching, both giving credit
to Ulmer for the first cache hide, they but refer to Ulmer as "a someone" in
their own brief history published on their site."