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Re: Thank you, Dave Ulmer, for your wacky idea.

I have never met Jeremy or Dave. I have exchanged various
communications with both men. I agree, both of them have an
important niche in our game. Although both have gone on record with
concepts with which I disagree, I respect both of them for what they
have contributed to geocaching.

Seth! Says, "I suspect that Dave's name has not been restored to the
website in part because there have just been too many other things
to do. Plus, there could be some legal reasons why they need to keep
it somewhat anonymous, for self-protection."

It's difficult for me to believe that there are too many things to
do that would preempt the simple inclusion of Dave's name in the history. I'm sure there is much to do to maintain a website
of that size and quality, but how long would be required to make the

If there are legal reasons for not doing this, then I guess the
(hidden) drama really does continue.

Whatever is the reason, the exclusion of Dave's credit in the 'brief history' is not fair to the thousands of people,
including myself, who support that website.

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