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Re: Thank you, Dave Ulmer, for your wacky idea.

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> Have you seen the cool interview with him in the geocaching DVD?
> Seth!
Hello Seth!

I'm sorry to say that I have not yet viewed your DVD, although I
have read the story about it in Today's Cacher (Filming the Ulmer
Interview), by TEAM 360.

I was pleasured, myself, to interview Dave back in April, 2004 by
phone and email for an interview in the same magazine.

The history of our game is rich and at times dramatic. Apparently,
the drama continues over at They happily promote your video
and Jack Peters' book, The Complete Idiot's guide to Geocaching,
both giving credit to Ulmer for the first cache hide, they but refer
to Ulmer as "a someone" in their own brief history published on
their site.