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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Happy 6th (belated) Birthday Geocaching

Did a quick search on and found Mingo again. Looks like its
the oldest active cache:

This link is cool as its an archive of Mike Teagues original pages, complete
with the original list of caches up to what looks like about August 2000:

On 5/3/06, Mike Frazier wrote:
> Very cool to re-live this history. I missed out on the initial cache
> posts but found out about the sport very shortly after it started and have
> been part of this email group since about the end of May or first of June
> 2000 (and remember well the discussions of stash vs cache and then the
> "incorporation" of geocaching). I placed the first cache in Colorado (known
> as Tarryall on, but it was first announced here (as
> didn't exsist then) on this email list around 7/4/2000) and
> its still alive and well today. It was placed on 7/2/2000.
> Anyone know what the oldest active cache is? Is there a list of these old
> / original caches someplace?
> I know I had visited a cache in Kansas that was on I-70 called Mingo and
> it appears to still be active (and was placed on 5/11/2000)

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