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Sent: 5/3/2006 4:27:01 PM

Re: [GPSstash] Re: Happy 6th (belated) Birthday Geocaching

Very cool to re-live this history. I missed out on the initial cache posts
but found out about the sport very shortly after it started and have been
part of this email group since about the end of May or first of June 2000
(and remember well the discussions of stash vs cache and then the
"incorporation" of geocaching). I placed the first cache in Colorado (known
as Tarryall on, but it was first announced here (as didn't exsist then) on this email list around 7/4/2000) and
its still alive and well today. It was placed on 7/2/2000.

Anyone know what the oldest active cache is? Is there a list of these old /
original caches someplace?

I know I had visited a cache in Kansas that was on I-70 called Mingo and it
appears to still be active (and was placed on 5/11/2000)

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