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Sent: 7/17/2006 11:36:15 PM

ChallengePoints: Scoring Based on Find Rate

The Deepsouthwest Geocaching Project ( )
has been around a while, but I just learned of it from the forums.

The novelty of the DGP is its ChallengePoints system. It's a scoring
system based on the find rate of a cache. The theory is that the
frequency that a cache is found is an indication of the difficulty in
finding it. From the Web site:

"With the ChallengePoint scoring method, each cache is given 100
points per year it exists. A 6-month-old cache would have 50 available
ChallengePoints, a 3 ΒΌ -year-old cache would have 325, etc. All
cachers who have found the cache get an equal share of the available
ChallengePoints for that cache. For example, consider a 1-year-old
cache, worth 100 ChallengePoints. Assume 20 cachers have found the
cache. They each share the available 100 ChallengePoints equally and
the cache would be worth 5 ChallengePoints to each finder. If 50
cachers had found the cache, it would be worth 2 ChallengePoints to
each finder. If the cache had only been found once, that cacher gets
all 100 ChallengePoints."