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Sent: 7/18/2006 1:12:56 PM

Re: gpsstash membership spike

Went to a conference with a friend who told me about geocaching. I
checked out and found a cache using google earth. That
was a blast so I bought a gps off craigslist and I've found 4 caches
so far. My wife and I love to hike and love the hobby. So, to answer
your question: new cacher(s) here.

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> With 45 new members joining this list in the past 60 days, I have to
> wonder what has prompted this sudden spike in popularity. Has the group
> become the topic of some recent forum debate? Did Scout, when he assumed
> ownership of the list, hire some agency on Madison Ave.? Do you suppose
> the sudden interest in our group is representative of the interest in
> geocaching in general, and the various cache listing sites and local
> organizations are experciencing similiar gains in their memberships? Are
> these new members to our group also new cachers, or old-timers just
> finding us? Or maybe it's just my imagination?
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