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"Scout" <>

Re: [GPSstash] Re: the only place to hide/seek caches?

Hello Scout,

Thursday, August 10, 2006, 10:10:01 AM, you wrote:
> The list of sites in the footer of GPSstash emails is a list of Web
> sites that allow the public to list geocaches. Your site seems to
> meet that test, so I've added it to the growing list.

Well, thank you. And any input anyone has on making it better, please
let me know. Although, please understand that the primary reason it
exists is to allow people to generate GPX files that are licensed
under LGPL and can be freely distributed to anyone for any use. The
listing side of it is more an artifact of my being a geek than any
real desire to compete as a geocache listing service, as well as the
desire to have a public listing for caches which other sites wouldn't
allow me to list due to commercial property issues.

> I also added, which you link to, although I can't
> tell that the site ever got out of the beta test stage. Maybe
> someone familiar with the site will see this and comment.

They have some nice tools (their coordinate converter for instance)
that I used to use until I wrote my own.

Ahem, another shameless plug.. excuse me...

But I've contacted the site owner of a couple times to
get an account and never heard anything back. So I really don't know
what their status is.

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