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Sent: 8/16/2006 11:47:33 AM

Convert Text Tracks to GPX?

Hi all,

A friend of mine gave me some track files he dumped from his old Garmin (Not
sure the model but its from 1998). He gave me two formats and I'm not sure
how to convert these to GPX or something that I can then read into my unit
(a Garmin eMap), so any help would be appreciated...

Here's a snippet of the first format he gave me:

#Wed Aug 16 06:21:24 2006 GMT
D WGS-84
! -r cblack -r tt -r sn
! -w coblack -w ctblue -w sovs -w stvs -w ane
! -t cblack -t wt -t sn
! -p ly -p fn -p cblack -p wt -p ablack -p sn
N New Track Start
T N39 08.1744 W105 27.7963 Sat Aug 05 00:59:39 2006
T N39 08.1735 W105 27.8009 Sat Aug 05 01:02:05 2006
T N39 08.1722 W105 27.8027 Sat Aug 05 01:02:08 2006

And here's a snippet of the second format he gave me:

Grid Lat/Lon hddd°mm.mmm'
Datum WGS 84

Header Name Start Time Elapsed Time Length Average Speed

Track Track 001 317.6 mi

Header Position Time Altitude Depth Leg Length Leg
Time Leg Speed Leg Course

Trackpoint N39 24.656 W108 05.751
Trackpoint N39 25.157 W108 05.317 0.7 mi
34° true
Trackpoint N39 25.838 W108 04.393 1.1 mi
46° true

So does anyone recognize these and have ideas on how I can convert this to
something usable to import into my GPS? I've been playing with GPSbabel and
so far it hasn't converted this yet (but then I don't even know the format
he's giving it to me).

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