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Survey: Tracking Movement Patterns for Location Based Recommendation

Dear *,

I want to inform you about my survey / experiment for GPS (Global
Positioning System) driven recommendation in a Location Based
Services (LBS) scenario.

This project is related to Location Based Services (LBS) – which
attempt to provide services to users of mobile devices, based upon
their current geographic location (e.g. details of special offers
when someone is near to a particular shop). At present, such
recommendations only take into account the current position of the
user, and can often lead to unwanted and inappropriate
recommendations because they are made independently of other
contextual factors. Current PhD research aims to investigate whether
recommendations can be improved by also using knowledge of users'
past movement patterns. Specifically, it will investigate whether
the (regular) geographical movement patterns of users can be used to
influence and inform location-based recommendations. One of the
fundamental issues here is to determine how regular users' movement
patterns actually are. It is this aspect that the study seeks to

Please feel free to promote this survey / experiment in the
appropriate places.

Kind regards and thank you very much

Steffen W. Schilke

Tracking Movement Patterns for Location Based Recommendation

Briefing document for potential participants in the experiment

Steffen W. Schilke
School of Computing, Communications and Electronics
University of Plymouth