"Charles" <>
Sent: 3/2/2007 7:50:19 AM

Thinking of starting a Geocaching for the Inept boot camp...

I had an idea of advertising in the paper for anyone who wants to go
geocaching but doesn't have a clue other than they've heard about it
and it sounded like fun. Here's the plan: I charge $175.00 for an
afternoon or morning of geocaching. I hand you a brand new GPS unit
with batteries (that you get to keep), teach you how to manually
enter coordinates and the basics of using a gpsr. I Let you follow
me around to caches, giving you the opportunity to search the last
50' or so (usually the hard part on inner city caches)). Let you get
comfortable with the process. At the end of the morning or afternoon
I lay out the containers and supplies to make some cache containers
that you get to keep. You can also bring up to 3 friends at $25 a
head that will also get to go geocaching, and make a container of
their own. You get a virtually useless certificate at the end of the
day (already framed with your name on it) I haven't gotten past the
planning stage yet but it sounds pretty simple. Anyone have any
input on this? Am I crazy for even thinking about it? The gps units
I'm thinking of using are in the $150 range (like maybe a Magellan
Explorist 200 or similar unit), so I'm not trying to get rich, it
just sounds like it'd be fun. Somebody shoot down the idea quick,
I'm feeling like I might give it a go.