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Sent: 3/3/2007 10:36:05 AM

Re: Thinking of starting a Geocaching for the Inept boot camp...

i think your class idea is great....i actually took a course in
geocaching our local community college offered ($38). i found a
friend with interest to take the class with me, cookie.
our instructor was an experienced cacher, dave. we spent the morning
talking about CITO, different types of caches, how following the
arrow blindly is not always the best way to go, maps, etc... dave
also explained about TNLN,TFTC,SL
he also brought his laptop and took us to, giving us a
tour of the site. how to do a search, log find,about TB's and how
they are logged,terrain and cache ratings etc...
there were 4 people in the class, 3 of us had GPS and the 4th was
given a loaner. we were also taught how to manually put the co-ords
into the GPS, nothing else about it (that was another class).
we then headed out and did 8 caches all over the reno area of varying
types and degrees of difficulty. after the class we got online found
a cache within a 1/4 mile of home, had it found and logged 30 minutes
later.we cache under cookie&faith and as of today, 18 months later,
we have 469 caches.
you might approach your local adult education center, they could very
well be interested.
good luck.