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I've used Garmins and Magellans and both are very good units. Think of it as
Ford vs. Chevy. Both will get you to your destination, selection really
comes down to personal preferences.

If you're looking for something for the long term you might consider the
DeLorme PN-20. It's brand new on the market and appears to be on the
forefront of state of the art. It's a little pricey at about $360, but
considering what you get in software and the device itself, I think it's
worth it.

You best bet to get the info you looking for is to get to know geocachers in
your area. Most areas of the country have groups that hold events from time
to time. Go to one in your area and I'm sure you'll be able to get good
guidance and information.

To find events in your state go to the geocaching website and select the
drop down menu on the right for your state. At the top of the resultant list
will be upcoming events.

Welcome to the addiction!

On 3/5/07, maugin626 wrote:
> we got a Magellan 500 as our first unit. what an awesome little thing!
> we love it & i wouldn't trade it for anything. yet. got it off ebay
> NIB at a reasonable price. it does awesome things!
> --- In , "Steve
> Turney" wrote:
> >
> > I'm thinking about thinking about getting into geocaching. What
> would
> > be a good GPS device? I don't want to get a "beginners" unit then
> move
> > up after I get experience. I want to start off with one I can use
> for a
> > long time.
> >
> > Also, could a GPS device used for geocaching also be used for hiking
> > (like in the woods).
> >
> > Steve Turney
> >

- Ed

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