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Sent: 3/5/2007 6:25:31 PM

Re: Which GPS Device?wi

If you want the best on the market go with the Garmin 60CSx. I've had
mine for about a week now and it runs circles around my old Magellan
SporTrak Color. I went on a Trail Mix two weekends ago (16 geocachers
roaming the woods) and it was clear to me that the 60CSx is the one to
have. It's pricey though. Best prices I found were at
Any of the 60 series Garmins will do. I use GPS constantly when I'm
out playing. Really useful when exploring new areas while on the
mountain bike. You've got to get the mapping software to go along with
it. Nice to see ALL the roads and everything else as you roam around.
Get out and enjoy Geocaching. It's the best stress reliever that I've
found. handle: krh101975