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Sent: 4/10/2007 1:11:31 PM

Re: [GPSstash] Geo microformat

In message <>, Leif Gregory

> which is a dynamic page
>completely built from scratch based on all the information found in a
>GPX file.
>Again, this is just a very basic Geocache. Wait till you get to routing
>where things get messy.
>At any rate, I'm not opposed to micro-formats. In fact I think they're
>a great idea for names, numbers, and addresses, but I'm just not sure
>it's effective for conveying all the information that can be associated
>with geo-location.

Not all of the information, perhaps; but then that's not what they're
intended to do.

To take your dynamic page, which currently includes (wrapped and
indented for readability):

( 35.1586, -106.7141 )

and apply a Geo-uF, you would change the above to:

( 35.1586,
-106.7141 )

And, since you're creating that page dynamically, there's not much
effort involved. There may be little benefit in doing the, to users who
use GPX compatible devices; but unlike the original, the data in the new
mark-up is accessible to many more people, who use other tools.

To make an hCard from your page, you'd take (again, simplified for


( 35.1586, -106.7141 )

Location: New Mexico, United States

and change it to:


( 35.1586,
-106.7141 )

New Mexico,
United States

To a user with no browser awareness of microformats, that will look no
different to the original page.

Once again, if you're generating the page dynamically, that will take
you seconds and there's virtually no reason *not* to do it!

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