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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geo microformat

In message , Neil R. Ormos

>>hat if you want to
>> create a Web page that has some geographic
>> coordinates on it somewhere and you don't want
>> to create a link? How would you drop a URL in a
>> Web page in a way that a browser just displays
>> the coordinates, not a link?
>Put the URL (or whatever) in an HTML comment and encode whatever you
>want displayed as normal.

Say I have a set of coordinates on a page, in "Plain Old HTML".

I can duplicate them in a URL to a site I don't want to link to, and
bury that in a comment, where I - or a future editor - may or may not
remember to update it, and where it might cause, say, Google to penalise
me for attempted spamming.

Or I can wrap them in some simple, semantically-named HTML classes, as
was intended by the writers of the HTML specification, and implemented
in Geo-uF.

Guess which of those scenarios contains the "overwhelming logic"?

>Unfortunately, modern web pages are unnecessarily layered in a nasty
>soup of client-side languages which creates all kinds of aggravation
>for users and results in ridiculously large, complex, and mutually
>incompatible browsers.

This is relevant to discussion of Geo-uF how, exactly..?

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