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Geotrash - New Yahoo group

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Geotrash -
definition: geocache the trash.

This is a new spin to geocaching that a friend and I had created. We
enjoy the outdoors, but we didn't like the trashy areas that we often

The objective is to give the coordinates of a "Geotrash" site and any
unique features to look for or stories of the area. Other subscribers
will try to find this "Geotrash" site and rate the area of its
"Geotrash"iness and discuss it's unique characteristics. Photos can also
be shared. Do not list any addresses or show the house numbers in the
photos. Also, do NOT trespass, vandalize, or taunt the owners.

Do you know of a place that has their indoor furniture outside? Have you
seen the place where the home is more mobile than their four cars in the
front yard? Have you encountered a place that has more lawn mowers than
blades of grass? If you know such places, then share them. Hopefully, in
time, they will clean up their act. Also, do us and the world a favor,
whether you geocache or "geotrash" pick up after yourself and any trash
you encounter.

Spam mail, unsolicited advertisements, unlawful acts, and foul language
will not be tolerated. Let's all get along with each other and have a
good time.

When you sign-up, please tell me a little about yourself, do you
geocache and how long, what type of gps do you use, and what state you
are from.

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