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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geo microformat

Yes, it is faster. I started on an eXplorist 200, but bought a 210 of my own.

With Pocket Queries, you can have the GPX file sent to you. Using the software that comes with the 210, you can upload up to 500 coords into your eXplorist within seconds. I'd say the whole process (setting up the PQ, getting it emailed, downloading, putting in software, connecting eXplorist, uploading coords) takes 5 minutes max.

The software also makes the name of the coords the cache's name. This makes it easy to find through the list as well.

Don't despair, though. I've been told that there's a cable you can purchase for your 210 that will allow you to connect it to your computer. Check around the forums and you'll find info on it. You can buy one from eBay for ~$30.

Believe me, once you see how easy it is, you won't want to go back. Just remember, the software can't solve the puzzle caches!

Andrew (yawetag)

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I have an Explorist 200 that you can't do anything but manually
enter coordinates for caches into. It takes me about thirty seconds
to a minute to enter them and name them something to keep up with
what's what. Is that too time consuming for most people? Are the gps
units that you can do the download stuff that much faster? Can you
pump a bunch of geocache coords in in a second or two or what's the
deal? I'm happy, but would I be a lot happier with download
capability? Sell me on it, I'm willing to listen...


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> Andy Mabbett wrote:
> > Those of you who publish waypoints on websites
> > may be interested in the 'Geo' microformat:
> > Intro: 29>
> > Spec, etc:
> > which is for marking-up waypoints in (X)HTML, so
> > that they can easily be looked up on maps,
> > downloaded into GPS units, or processed in some
> > other way.
> > I'm happy to answer any questions, or to help
> > webmasters begin using them.
> Great! Yet another unnecessary, overcomplicated,
> incompatible format for representing geographic
> coordinates. But I guess when your only tool is a
> Howitzer, you use it, even when you just need to
> drive a nail.

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