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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geo microformat

Scout wrote:
> "Neil R. Ormos" wrote:

>> Great! Yet another unnecessary, overcomplicated,
>> incompatible format for representing geographic
>> coordinates. But I guess when your only tool is a
>> Howitzer, you use it, even when you just need to
>> drive a nail.

> The geo format may not be strictly necessary,
> but it could be a useful addition to simple HTML
> pages.

> The geo format does not appear to be
> overcomplicated.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder I guess.
I see DIV this, Class that, a bunch of angle
brackets, alternative forms. So much extra stuff
for so little gain, and, bonus!, incompatible with
prior formats.

> If other formats already serve this purpose,
> great. Can you suggest formats and point to
> examples of how they can be used to encode GPS
> coordinates in arbitrary Web pages?

As one simple but effective example, the
coordinates could be encoded in a conventional
URL. A few years ago, someone wrote an
interesting little web spider that harvested web
pages containing map-generating URLs referring to
popular mapping sites (Topozone, Tiger Map Server,
etc.). The author extracted the coordinates from
the URLs and plotted them on some maps, showing a
number of interesting ways to visualize
statistical and other information about the data.
The code that detected and parsed the URLs was
quite simple, and could have been even simpler if
the author had chosen to handle only URLs
referring to a a single map generator, such as

Also, there have been numerous prior XML formats
for representing geospatial data, including
Garmin's format and several for GIS applications.