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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geo microformat

putnameco wrote:

>> Great! Yet another unnecessary,
>> overcomplicated, incompatible format

> It is only incompatible in part because
> companies refuse to adopt open standards,
> preferring to lock your wallet into their
> solution.

The companies and their proprietary formats have
been around a lot longer than the alleged
"standard". Some of the companies (e.g., Garmin)
have already adopted XML-based formats. I have
encountered literally dozens of formats for
representing geospatial information, and I suspect
that there are hundreds or thousands extant. It's
unclear why a new, complicated, and incompatible
format should be promulgated, when one of the old
formats would be adequate, and at least compatible
with *something*. Well, other than the usual
reasons of personal vanity, "not invented here",
and the failure of the old formats to meet
someone's dogma.

> Do you even know how often you use XML?

Yes. Whenever there's data stored in an
inefficient, needlessly-complex, expensive-and-
slow-to-parse manner, I suspect XML, and I'm
usually right. :-)

> Some of us do find this quite useful.

> if you care, see

I understand the concept of "Open Source" but it's
not particularly relevant to this discussion.
There are numerous older formats that were well
documented and not encumbered by intellectual
property restrictions.

>> But I guess when your only tool is a Howitzer,
>> you use it, even when you just need to drive a
>> nail.

> And I guess you don't own a car because you can
> walk, Don't use a GPSr because a map and compass
> work, and don't use a computer when pen and
> paper work so well.

I guess you miss the point entirely. I use my car
when it makes sense. If I just need to go across
the street for a jug of milk, I do walk.
Sometimes a pen and a Post-It note are the perfect
tools for the job.