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Sent: 5/17/2007 9:53:27 AM

Re: Recent suspicious person report prompts quick action at schools

I'm the leader for my daughter's Girl Scout Troop and last week we
were doing work on a hiking badge utilizing paths and "trails" located
on the school property where we have our meetings. We (myself and the
other leader) felt this would be a good opportunity to expose the
girls to using compasses and gps'rs...We placed a "cache" (which we
did not log with gc dot com) but before doing so spoke with the
principal of the school about geocaching and got his permission to
place the "cache" and he was very happy to allow us to do so and
thanked us for discussing it with him before placing it and also
wanted to go along with us to see how to use a gps, etc...

Jackie in CT (JEKE)