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Re: [GPSstash] Geooglecaching

I haven't seen any ads recently, and unless they were added since last night, it's only for non-paying members.

In Jeremy's defense, the cost of running a website as popular as GC isn't cheap. I'd be willing to bet that the funds coming in for premium memberships doesn't come close to the funds going out for running the site.

There are many ways to counter Google ads on pages if you want to. I'd guess that someone will have a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox by the end of the day.

Andrew Senger

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Subject: [GPSstash] Geooglecaching

As adamant at Jeremy has been in the past about the commercialization
of geocaching, I cannot believe that he is now stooping to Google ads
on his website. I know through personal experience that he is very
proud of his website and its gravity; he charges mightily and imposes
heavy restrictions on accepted advertising. He has always been very
concerned about the appearance of

So why are we looking at those implorable, ugly Google ads plastered
all over what was an attractive and professional website? Is this
another ploy to get people to purchase an upgraded membership? Do the
ads disappear with a premium membership? Is it a case of you can pay
him now or you can pay him later? Is the staff growing so fast that he
can't afford to pay the non-volunteers?

Or maybe Google is buying the site?

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