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Not sure if I'm missing something - but the only place I found Google ads were on the "Getting Started" page, under the small set of Geocaching ads that are always on there - quite unobtrusive. But I do agree that it could be a slippery slope... hope it doesn't turn into something too messy.

Check out
to see what this is all about!

Check out
to see what this one is!

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I agree, a couple of little ads that get sent to people who are using the site for free seems like a small price to pay. I get pop ups and adds from all of the sites that I use for free and have found that the combination of Symantec products that I use keep all of them away. My best pop up blocker is my Google toolbar, go figure :) Of course I have a PM so that helps too.


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I did not notice the adds. Of course after reading the link that Seth! put up I can see why. I am a PM and I run firefox with noscript. If it will stop the weekend slow downs by all means google it up. Team_Fitz

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