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Sent: 6/24/2007 12:25:16 PM

Re: Geooglecaching

"Art Pennington" wrote:
> We need to remember,the purpose of business in America is to
> generate a profit for the owners.
> I wonder what the response would be if suddenly the site shut down
> because it could no longer turn a profit. Or worse, it was sold to
> someone who does not fully appreciate geocaching.

Don't confuse the goals of Groundspeak, Inc., with the needs of the
geocaching hobby itself. Open source and distributed processing would
be ways to address the risks you raise.

That is why, in the early days, some people wanted geocaching to have
an open database, so the costs and efforts and load could be
distributed, reducing the burden on any individual and eliminating the
risk of losing it all if one company went bankrupt or turned evil.

Instead, Jeremy Irish decided to take geocaching private, going
commercial in order to raise the money to finance his business,
actively resisting those who tried to keep geocaching open. It was his
right to act this way, but it didn't have to be this way. We didn't
have to end up in a situation where one company can say, in effect,
keep paying us or maybe all your data might get lost. But that's where
we find ourselves anyway.