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The ads are very minor in relation to most of the websites out there. In fact, many of them advertise even when you ARE a paid member. Remember that the little box is below everything else of importance on the left banner. Jeremy could have taken more money per view by putting it at the very top of the page. As it is, I don't consider it "ugly". The links were placed in a spot that wasn't being used, and they don't jump out to you. Also, calling it "pedestrian" is a compliment. Like Ronald, I'm tired of Flash-animated banners that want me to punch the monkey or pick my favorite celebrity for a free iPod. I'll take a text-based ad for somewhat relevant sites over anything else.

As far as encouraging PMs, what more can Jeremy do? I know of some sites that offer "Lifetime Memberships" for a week or so. The prices usually total about 3-5 years of normal yearly PM costs. These "sales" are usually on sites that are just starting or have hit their "climax" of popularity, where a bulk of costs go toward development or maintenance. GC is beginning to get big, and this expansion may last for a couple of years or more. As GPSrs become cheaper, the hobby becomes readily available to more people. GC needs to work on long-term strategies, such as looking into more machines and staff to keep the site running smoothly. These are expenses that need a steady supply of funds, not an instant bulk of funds.

Jeremy and Groundspeak would love for every user to be a paid member, but it's not feasible. I don't know what the true ratio is, but I'll bet it's no where close to what they'd need to keep the site above water for long.

Be glad Jeremy decided to go the "low-key" route. The ads could be much worse!


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The Google ads are ugly and pedestrian. There must be a better way
to encourage premium memberships and to increase profits than to
bombard the site with crap.


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