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Sent: 6/25/2007 8:54:29 PM

Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geooglecaching

On 6/25/07, Scout wrote:
> Seth! Leary wrote:
> > Running a web site like is not at all analogous to creating
> > software.
> Agreed. But there could be open source P2P software that would allow
> distributing the data so that the Web site itself is less important
> than the P2P software used to find and manage the cache listings.
> Successful file sharing software has proven that technically the
> problem can be solved. The challenge is a legal one. Sharing
> copyrighted MP3 files, for example, is illegal. But that's not a
> barrier for cache listings, which are created by the community for the
> community.
> Would such a system be superior to Maybe yes. Maybe no. It all
> depends on how much programming talent the community has and is
> willing to devote without a profit motive. With the right support, it
> could have been engineered in such a way that the costs and load are
> distributed, eliminating the need for premium memberships and banner
> ads to keep Groundspeak suitably incentivized to keep the game afloat.
> We'll never know for sure.

P.S. You wouldn't necessarily have to eliminate the profit motive,
either. Establish standards for the cache records (e.g., GPX) and
anyone with a programming bent could write his own P2P program for
sharing them. The market could decide which program is superior. If
someone is slow to release enhancements or tries to charge too much
for his program, someone else could try to offer a better program for
less. They would be competing on their ability to satisfy the
geocaching community's desires, not based on their monopoly control of
the data. Who knows what features and innovations competition might
result in?