Scout <>
Sent: 6/25/2007 9:51:54 PM

Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geooglecaching

Seth! Leary wrote:
> Not that the P2P idea doesn't have merit; there might be some cool things
> that could be done with it and geocaching. But it is not a substitute for a
> robust web site. Not at the scale of worldwide geocaching, anyway.

Maybe yes. Maybe no. There would be challenges. But a monolithic Web
site has challenges, too, as anyone who has noticed a slowdown at on weekends can attest. I just thought it worth pointing out
that solving Groundspeak's problems is not identical with meeting the
geocaching hobby's needs. There could be a different way. We could
argue the pros and cons of different approaches all day, which some of
us might find interesting, but apparently there are some list readers
whose patience has already worn out. ;-)