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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geooglecaching

Well, I know *I* dont have the time to do this, so for $3 a month, I feel it
is pretty cheap to have Groundspeak do it for me.

The problem is, I dont think a lot of people realize the amount of work that
goes into maintaining the types of systems groundspeak has. Bandwidth Costs,
Servers Costs, people to run the servers costs. When developing
sites/databases like this, you need to have strict code control and backups
in place. What if, for example, Groundspeak opened it up for anyone to
modify so that we can all have it for Free? And someone went in, made a code
change, and all your logs in 2003 were removed? I bet you wouldnt be happy.

So if for a few bucks, Groundspeak runs a service I enjoy, than so be it. I
am happy to pay it.

On 6/25/07, Scout wrote:
> Seth! Leary wrote:
> > Not that the P2P idea doesn't have merit; there might be some cool
> things
> > that could be done with it and geocaching. But it is not a substitute
> for a
> > robust web site. Not at the scale of worldwide geocaching, anyway.
> Maybe yes. Maybe no. There would be challenges. But a monolithic Web
> site has challenges, too, as anyone who has noticed a slowdown at
> on weekends can attest. I just thought it worth pointing out
> that solving Groundspeak's problems is not identical with meeting the
> geocaching hobby's needs. There could be a different way. We could
> argue the pros and cons of different approaches all day, which some of
> us might find interesting, but apparently there are some list readers
> whose patience has already worn out. ;-)
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> Scout

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