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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geooglecaching

Art Pennington wrote:

> We need to remember,the purpose of business in
> America is to generate a profit for the owners.

> I wonder what the response would be if suddenly
> the site shut down because it could no longer
> turn a profit. Or worse, it was sold to someone
> who does not fully appreciate geocaching.

So the Groundspeak site shuts down tomorrow in a
big puff of green smoke. Poof!

Big deal! Someone else would build a site for
listing caches, and users would populate it with
data, and life would go on.

But wait! There are already several other sites
for listing, mapping, and discussing caches, as
Scout reminds us at the bottom of each post to
this group.

Actually, the disappearance of
would be the best thing that could happen to the
caching hobby. The dominance of one site in the
market for cache listing services has stifled
entry and innovation by others. The elimination
of a site that many consider to be to sole source
for cache information would create a huge surge of
innovation as other people with great ideas
compete to attract cachers to their sites.

And those who find the ads on the
site objectionable might use this occasion to try
some of the other cache listing and mapping
services. Ed Hall's "Buxley" site is great for
maps. has ads, but IMO they are
unobtrusive because they are at the bottom of the
page and related to caching or GPS.