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Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geooglecaching

I get the fact that geocaching is a hobby that is early on in it's developement and all and that has a very good database and is what is currently being used for us to enjoy our sport. A person (Jeremy) started a web site, developed it, sold membership to it, and now is selling ads to support it. I see nothing wrong with it, in fact I think it is great. I do not think he is any more obligated to let the database be open than any other business owner is obligated to open up his/her proprietory (spelled wrong, sorry) information. I always fall back on the fact that I speak with my checkbook when I am doing something like this. If he gets too crazy with the ads I will try to find another web site, if he starts to send out ads for things that I do not want my kids to have to deal with and that I have no interest in seeing (you know the type you get spam for them in your email box every single day) then I will move on, if the site crashes all the time or becomes
unusable I will move on. Personally I think that if he took the time and effort and had the know how and skills to create he should be able to cash in on it in any way that does not drive we the users of his site away. A totally free site is gonna be a buggy, unsupported, unupgraded (I know that isn't a word) mess and is not something I want to use. Now don't get me wrong, if he comes out and says the new membership rate is way up there and I do not think that I will get my money's worth from a membership I will move on so I hope he doesn't do that. I see nothing wrong with a business owner trying to make a business pay for itself and hopefully kick out a little extra so that he can go out and do something crazy like pay his morgage, buy a new GPS, get a couple of gallons of milk or something along those line. I know that if I was in his shoes I would do the same thing.


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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 10:39:37 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: [GPSstash] Re: Geooglecaching

Scout wrote:

> "Art Pennington" wrote:

>> We need to remember,the purpose of business in

>> America is to generate a profit for the owners.

>> I wonder what the response would be if suddenly

>> the site shut down because it could no longer

>> turn a profit. Or worse, it was sold to someone

>> who does not fully appreciate geocaching.

> Don't confuse the goals of Groundspeak, Inc.,

> with the needs of the geocaching hobby

> itself. Open source and distributed processing

> would be ways to address the risks you raise.

> That is why, in the early days, some people

> wanted geocaching to have an open database, so

> the costs and efforts and load could be

> distributed, reducing the burden on any

> individual and eliminating the risk of losing it

> all if one company went bankrupt or turned

> evil. [...]

Early days? Has the dream died already? :-)

Some of us still want an open, distributed

database for cache data. Not just for

reliability, security, and load balancing, but

also to enable experimentation with lots of cool

applications that can't be tried when the data is

maintained in a private repository.

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