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Global Positioning Stash HuntI like this story. It is much more positive than most of the news stories that come up involving geocaching scares.

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Global Positioning Stash Hunt
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1. Ventura police alerted to "suspicious" activity From: Scout
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1. Ventura police alerted to "suspicious" activity
Posted by: "Scout" gc_scout
Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:44 am (PST)
"Ventura Police Services Officer Laura Robinson took a report
involving people who arrived in a van outside a school, and huddled
around some landscaping. They stared at strange devices in their
hands, and pulled a box from a bush. They opened it up, took something
out, and put something else back in before returning the box to the
bush. That had the caller worried about what kind of contraband could
be lurking inside the box."

The good news in this story is that the police officer who took the
call was already familiar with geocaching.

Read more here:


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