Peter Barile <>
Sent: 1/7/2008 11:21:33 AM

Re: [GPSstash] Best GPS for Geocaching

I'm a big fan of the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX. I have been using one for about a year and have had great success in my geocaching pursuits. I just ordered one for my son, who is really into geocaching. The unit loads fast and will zero in on a set of coordinates like no other GPS unit that I have used in the past.

Since I bought the SD disk with the North American cities and streets, I rarely go anywhere without it to navigate to addresses in various cities.

My opinion is you can not go wrong with this GPS unit. Be sure to search the internet for the best deal. I got the last one I bought for my son for about $321.00 at PCNATION.

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