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I have a 76CSx and have to admit that I do not like the screen. It is hard to read in the light sometimes and doing things like turning up the brightness and etc does not help. I also have looked at and played with a VistaHCx and really liked it. Screen is nice and bright, smaller size is nice for caching, batteries last longer, and it has the same antenna system and waypoint storage as the 60 or 76 series units. All in all, I would not go with the 60 I would go with the Vista or Legend HCx models depending on whether or not you are planning on using the compass and altimeter functions.


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I haven't found a better one (for the record avoid Delorme units like the

On Jan 7, 2008 12:48 AM, Stephen Turney wrote:

> Before I order a Garmin Csx 60, is it still the Cadillac of GPS units
> for geocaching? Or is there another unit just as good but less
> expensive?
> Steve


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