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I suspect that this may have been the result of a slighty (or maybe not slightly) paranoid busybody who saw a car stopped on the side of the road.
Instead of checking to see if the person needed help, they watched and saw the container being replaced.
Granted, if I were to see someone placing a container, and didn't know about geocaching, I'd probably think something was up. (knowing about gc, I'd pull out my laptop and check the coordinates!)
Now, as to the placement and marking of the cache. It should have been labeled geocache. I would recommend the logo (and probably the full color decal if not easily visible from the road--sounds like it was on the non road side from the logs). If we are advised to notify property owners when placing caches, then the local authorities should have known that a cache was in the area. Even if not required, I would certainly ask local authorities if cache site was near a river or stream leading to local water supply.
I have read several logs for other caches and it is becoming obvious that we are not always following cache etiquette when placing caches.

Long and short.. over reaction, bad placement without notification, no marking on container. One hilarious story!!

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Seem to me that if geocacher's would follow one of the golden rules and
avoid "muggles", we'd see a lot less of this kind of publicity.

Of course this is one way to get the word out. :)

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> Here's the cache in question:
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> "The guardrail is located along North Lincoln Avenue near the closed
> Aetnaville Bridge. Studenc said authorities questioned a man they had
> in custody about the small, green container with a flip top lid, which
> was labeled as a decontamination kit. Studenc described it as
> military-looking in nature.
> It contained two memo pad-sized pieces of white paper with names and
> codes on it, as well as several small, plastic toys - an Army man, a
> neon green jack, a purple kaleidoscope, a blue domino, and a white and
> yellow goat.
> ``This put a lot of panic into people just because of the area they
> put it in,'' Studenc said, referring to the container's proximity to
> North Lincoln Avenue, Ohio 7 and a water treatment plant. ``That's not
> very smart.''"
> That's right... geocaching.
> Read more here:
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