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Seem to me that if geocacher's would follow one of the golden rules and
avoid "muggles", we'd see a lot less of this kind of publicity.

Of course this is one way to get the word out. :)

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> Here's the cache in question:
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> "The guardrail is located along North Lincoln Avenue near the closed
> Aetnaville Bridge. Studenc said authorities questioned a man they had
> in custody about the small, green container with a flip top lid, which
> was labeled as a decontamination kit. Studenc described it as
> military-looking in nature.
> It contained two memo pad-sized pieces of white paper with names and
> codes on it, as well as several small, plastic toys - an Army man, a
> neon green jack, a purple kaleidoscope, a blue domino, and a white and
> yellow goat.
> ``This put a lot of panic into people just because of the area they
> put it in,'' Studenc said, referring to the container's proximity to
> North Lincoln Avenue, Ohio 7 and a water treatment plant. ``That's not
> very smart.''"
> That's right... geocaching.
> Read more here:
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proper order then why can't he?"

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