Paul L Hutley <>
Sent: 1/1/2009 10:01:16 AM

Re: [GPSstash] How does this game work. Im in Naples Florida


It is a simple game. Someone goes out and hide a container with a log
book inside and if big enough some other stuff for trade. They then mark
the location using a GPS receiver. Then they upload the location to some
web site and do a write up on the cache. Then others get on the web site
and get the location and then go out and try to find it.

The number one web site to use is Their are
other listing site but they do not have the near the amount of caches as does.

I hope that helps. If not feel free to email me.

kf4oox - Paul

laactorguy wrote:
> How does this game work. Im in Naples Florida, can someone send me on
> an assignment.
> Tell me how to do play... Love to try it..
> Thanks