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Re: [GPSstash] Finding co-ordinates

Well said, I was trying to think of how to word that and I think you are spot on. The mapping programs and your GPS'r are just tools to get you in the area. It is the human factor that needs to find the Geocache. Happy Caching. Team_Fitz

From: Ben Clinger
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Here in Paradise (Hawaii) I have used Google Earth a few times and found it to be capable of getting me into the area. Specifically, within 20-30 feet or so. The problem that we face though is that no device is accurate. Your hand held device, like mine which is a PN-40, works within an area of acceptable performance. When you consider the accuracy of your device, the accuracy of the original device and environmental factors, you can really be off, but still be in the neighborhood.
There is one area here in Paradise that due to the mineral content in the area, measurements/ cooridinates can be as much as 100' off. So the best thing to do is to use your device to get you to the area and your eyes to the spot.

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Subject: [GPSstash] Finding co-ordinates
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Hi, I'm a new member, living in Denmark. May I ask some help in finding accurate co-ordinates?

The problem that I have is that when I use Google Earh and pin point a posistion, note down the co-ordinates, and type them into my Garmin gps

I always end up with an error of several 100 yards.

If I retype the Google co-ordinates back into Google Earth it will fly me back to the correct posistion.

Maybe the gps can't interput the Google co-ordinates? I am using a Garmin Nuvi 860 and it allows different co-ordinate formats, but none seem to match Google's format exactly.

How do you find accurate posistions off the Internet?

Regards, Douglas

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