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Re: Police: Objects Found On Beach Part Of Web Game

When I place a cache I want to identify it with a symbol or a sticker to identify it as a geocache and where to find out(ie the Website) of course I didn't start this until my 3rd cache hidden, but stickers are made for a reason. Right? perhaps if more stickers or id tags are on our caches, as opposed to inside, bomb squads may not have to be called so often. Not forgetting common sense in hiding them too.


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> Please educate the masses about this wonderful sport called geocaching.
> It never ceases to amaze me that people are still so paranoid to think
> that an object like the one used in this geocache could be harmful to
> them. Jeez!!!
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> > "SAN DIEGO -- Authorities investigating suspicious objects spotted at
> Fiesta Island's dog beach Monday said the items were part of a
> worldwide, Internet-based scavenger hunt.
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> > A passer-by reported seeing a plastic pipe tied to a tree at the
> popular dog beach lot at 11 a.m., said San Diego police spokesman Gary
> Hassan."
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