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Okay.... Non Spam, not negative...

What is your "all time" favorite cache.. And why it is your favorite. (link
to the cache page would be great)

Do you have any "stories" to tell... Cops questioning you, muggle converted,
adventures on the site...?

Is there a puzzle cache that you'd like to share and get help on?

Oh.. I guess it would help if you mentioned where you typically surf the

I'll start.. Don't yet have a single favorite cache, but multiple ftfs on
one day were great... Http://
This was one of 10 caches placed for Black History Month. Using my bb8900
I was getting notifications of new caches almost as I drove to them. I was
only stumped by one, which apparently was quite a distance from the
coordinates. I hope to get back to find it soon. My favorite type caches
are those that go to an historic site, or where I enjoy the trip almost as
much as the find. Cemetery hunts are also fun.

I've been pulled over at 2 am on way from picking up my son, converted my
future dil, and been stung 10 times by ground wasps on one site and left
with a dnf.

I LOVE Puzzle Caches... Sadly, I'm finding that a lot of the puzzles I've
printed for solving, are Mia by the time I get to them.. (even after
verifying with owner or a pop-up that my solution is right)

I live in North Central Florida, but claim the area from Orlando to
Birmingham as cache turf as I visit family members and cache along the way..



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