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Sent: 12/5/2010 4:12:08 PM
Subject: to shut down

The following post recently appeared on the TerraCaching forums. The original can be read here:

Posted by: scottO
Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:54 pm
Post subject: ANNOUNCEMENT!!

"It is no secret that AngryKid has been working on recoding for years. Users' interest has suffered the same fate, in the face of unmet expectations to completely retool the site. In any situation like this, the evaluation must be made whether or not continue. In this case, the AngryKid's decision is that he will not continue.

"Assuming that there is no other interest in taking over the, as of December 31st, 2010, the site will shut down. Any premium memberships still in effect at that time will be refunded for the balance of their remaining duration.

"Thank you for your participation, cooperation, patience, and involvement in this community.

"That being said, if there is interest in either assuming the site, or being part of a community that assumes control and development of the site, email I will help facilitate that reorganization."