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RE: [GPSstash] Found geocache box in apartment


Wacky. This geocache was apparently from China, in an unknown hiding spot
just west of the Sanya airport in Hainan-an island province off the southern
coast. There is not a geocache listed there, probably because it was
relocated to the closet in the apartment! Do you live close to China? Can
you put it back? Heh heh. But seriously, can you divulge the name of the
city or state where this apartment is located, just out of curiosity?

The folks at may be able to look up archived geocaches in
that area. It would appear that someone either removed the geocache (e.g.
"stole" it) or else the cache owner lived in that apartment and either
changed his/her mind about placing it or was otherwise inclined to retrieve

An interesting find. Please don't throw it out. I'm sure that some geocacher
near you can put it to good use as a resurrected geocache.



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Subject: [GPSstash] Found geocache box in apartment

Greetings! I need information, please. My DH found a geocache box in an
apartment move out. In the box was a sea shell with this inscribed on the
inside: Sanya
18 degrees 17.409N
109 degrees 22.984E

along with some other items. We're not geocachers, but this box needs to get
back to someone. Please help. Thanks, in advance.

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