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RE: [GPSstash] Intro

GSAK should open the *.zip file automatically without you having to extract the file.


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I'm glad to see this conversation happening, I began caching almost a year ago and am over 120 finds but haven't logged them all yet. I am having difficulty with the pocket queries from to where after downloading them I cannot get GSAK to open them. my .zip files won't open in my vista O/S like they should, is there another way I can do this I use the Garmin etrex series for my GPSr. Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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Hi Tom, If you are a premium member of you can download pocket queries with all of the cache information on them. I use an old Palm Visor PDA with Cachemate and Easy GPS for most of my caching needs. That has worked well for me and has saved many trees. I have used GSAK as well and it is a very capable program but there is a bit of a learning curve with it. I am still using an old Garmin GPS V and an eTrex Summit. Like you I get out only when time allows. A few friends of mine have the Colorado and the Oregon and like them very much. With those you only need the one device and not an PDA. Good luck and welcome. Dennis A.K.A. Team_Fitz

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Subject: [GPSstash] Intro

Hello to all!
My wife and I have been caching for several years and are up to about 300 caches. Obviously it's not a burning issue with us but we do enjoy it immensely when we have the time to do it. Because of time constraints I'm interested in eventually learning how to streamline all but the actual "finding" process. I'm basically talking about how to download caches and information about them, document caches, use GSAK so something like that and fully comprehend the capabilities of the website. I currently have an old Magellan Color machine and a Garmin 60CSXi. I'm considering selling both on EBay to justify the purchase of a Dakota, Oregon or other GPSr that will hold all the information needed and cut down on the hundreds of pieces of paper. After "lurking" for a while I'll be trying to pick the brains of members to help solve my problems. Hopefully as I gain experience I'll be able to reciprocate. Thanks.


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