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Re: [GPSstash] GSAK

Hi John..
Which GPS are you using?

In the File>Export pull down there are ways to export to quite a few different formats.. What I have to do with my Triton is connect via usb, create the file that I want exported (select which caches to export using filters). After I am satisfied with caches being exported, I export using the gpx/loc option.. (for my Meridian, I use the Magellan SD card option).... For my car GPS (Garmin) I export to Mapsource GDB, and can change the icons to match what I want to see.

Once I have my file saved to my hard drive, I have to open either Vantage Point for Magellan Triton, or MapSource for Garmin, import the points, then export to connected GPS unit.

Long drawn out process, but it's only way I've found to export data to the "newer" units I have.. Old unit allows me to put points on an SD card and import from it..

That is probably the main reason I like using my BB for caching.. I do try to keep data files updated for each format... just in case I want to go caching with a group of people and they don't have gps units..

I'll be happy to help if there is anyway I can..

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GSAK opens the GC zips OK on Vista in my PC. The problem I have is that I can't get it to u/L the files into my GSPr using the USB to serial converter. East GPS u/L's OK but substitutes the cache ID for the name of the cache. There must be a way to reverse it but I haven't figured it out yet.

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