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I've used GSAK with old Garmin Vista (1999 edition) via serial cable
and newer Garmin Vista (2007 edition) via USB. I've not tried a USB to
serial converter cable as my PC motherboard has a RS-232 serial port.
However, I bought a USB to parallel converter cable for my printer. I could
not get that to work - except once by chance - so got rid of the
printer! Perhaps your USB to serial converter cable is similarly

Not sure why Deb is using export rather than GPS > Send Waypoints, however the latter can be customised to set the waypoint name to whatever you like.

On the Send Waypoints to GPS screen there is the Waypoint name field which helpfully tells you "You can build the waypoint name using tags (see help)". The "Special Tags" topic in help gives comprehensive details.

By way of example, my waypoint names are created as:


%drop2 is cache ID minus the initial 2 characters so GC12345 becomes 12345
: is just a colon (separator)
%smart=4 is the cache name condensed to a unique string = 4 characters in my case. For numbered series the number is invariably retained, which makes it useful.
%typ1 is cache type condensed to single character, ie. T M U V etc
%con1 is container type condensed to single character ie. M S R L etc
%dif1 is difficulty level condensed to a single character, ie 1.0 to 5.0 becomes 1 to 9
%ter1 is terrain level condensed to a single character (as above)

So it is possible to provide a lot of information about the cache in the waypoint name.

For waypoint description format I use:


which is the ROT13 decoded clue (well, the first 32 characters, or however long the description field is on your GPSr)

This is enough to find pretty much any traditional cache paperless and if you run CacheMate on a PDA, more than enough to retrieve the full details for a multi, virtual or unknown cache.

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GSAK opens the GC zips OK on Vista in my PC. The problem I have is that I can't get it to u/L the files into my GSPr using the USB to serial converter. East GPS u/L's OK but substitutes the cache ID for the name of the cache. There must be a way to reverse it but I haven't figured it out yet.

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