Dennis Fitzpatrick <>
Sent: 4/12/2010 9:13:26 AM

Re: [GPSstash] What do you recomend to start with

etrex work but now with the longer GC codes they do not fit into memory. I use both the eTrex Summit and the Garmin GPS V. I love my V, it has maps and a long enough memory place for the longer GC codes for naming the cache. You can find them on the auction sites fairly cheap and work very well. The GPS V has a little external antenna and works much better than the eTrex in heavy tree cover. I pair the GPSr with a cheap Palm Visor with all my Pocket Queries and am good to go. has some user reviews of GPSr's Good luck with your choice. Dennis Team_Fitz

From: Louise
Sent: Fri, April 9, 2010 9:58:55 AM
Subject: [GPSstash] What do you recomend to start with

I understand that some people will have their own personal favourites. But I would like to know which basic (cheap) gps systems people recomend and also if there any local group/meets in the Windsor, Berkshire area. Thank you Louise

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